Plumbing Costs Survey

This is a shout-out to Thank you guys for taking the time to conduct an inclusive and thorough survey which is a great help to plumbers across the country. Those of you who still haven’t been asked to participate, well – you’re in for a treat. Just remember to pick up the phone next time it rings. To make a long story short – is contacting plumbers all over the country in order to find out the rates for all the services and jobs we perform. Remember to state for each job whether you charge a fixed or an hourly rate, as this obviously makes a difference.

Although some of you may be reluctant to share your pricing policy with perfect strangers, you should know that you can greatly benefit from participating in the survey. After I answered all the survey questions, the kind and very professional rep on the other side of the line was able to tell me that the prices charged by Plumber El Paso are just above the Texas average, but are in sync with the national average. We will definitely take this into account next time we update our prices, as it is ultimately our goal to provide the very best services for the best possible prices. So, once again, thank you for including Plumbers in El Paso in your survey!