My plumbing marketing efforts

I’ve been recently using a new service called “LeadsMill“. It’s an App downloaded to my phone (well… my daughter did that for me), and it sends me leads of customers in El Paso area. I get in average 1-2 leads a day, and its working pretty good.

Plumbing Leads by LeadsMill

LeadsMill app

So far I received¬† about 40 leads in 4 weeks, and they were pretty good. When the app rings it indicated that a lead just came in , and if it looks good to me, and I ain’t in a middle of a job- I usually take it. Out of those 40 leads I had actual 12 jobs, for which I gained ~$5,000. The total cost of the leads that I got was about $13.5 per lead, and exactly $545. The leads company offered me to take the leads exclusively, but at this point I think I’ll continue as is, since the results are pretty good.

Currently other than that app I do some Google marketing (Adwords), but leads are very expansive that way, and I think of quit that campaign, the bids are just to expansive.